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Dietary Astaxanthin Supplement
- Nature's Ultimate Antioxidant -

No other dietary supplement has been scientifically studied than astaxanthin for the past two decades. Researchers worldwide have been enthusiastically attracted to the wide variety of physiological applications that astaxanthin can offer to our health as it is very safe (GRAS) and exceptionally effective.

Astaxanthin may help:(*)

--Keep vision sharp and strong ! (Sawaki, K., et al 2002)
--Soothe eye fatigue (Nakamura, et al 2004)
--Keep eyes young (Liao, J.H., et al 2009)
--Protect brain tissue and keep healthy nerve (Deuster,P.A., et al 2009)
--Prevent brain damage (Kudo, et al 2002)
--Improve memory (Hussein, et al 2005)
--Support cognitive health (Satoh, A., et al 2009)

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--Support gastric health (Benndedsen, et al 1999)
--Keep athletes powerful (Finaud J, et al 2006)
--Block skin pigmentations/work on skins inside/outside (Yamashita Y., et al 2006)
--Support skin while exposing to sun (Terazawa S, et al 2012)
--Reduce CRP levels(inflammation) for better heart function (Pashkow FJ, et al 2008)
--Keep blood flow smooth (Hussein, G., et a/2005,2006/Miyawaki,H., et al 2008)
--Promote to set better cellular/immune function (Park et al 2010)
--Support to reduce stress (Spillar, G., et al 2006)

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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